Friday, January 13, 2012

TEXPERS releases Special Report

Earlier this week, we here at TEXPERS released a special report that examined the truth behind some of the numbers and assertions that the Laura and John Arnold Foundation made in their paper titled “Creating a New Public Pension System.”

The paper that we released serves to correct the LJAF paper’s grossly overstated assertion about unfunded pension system liabilities in the United States by citing the most commonly used actuarial method recommended by the General Accounting Standards Board (GASB). The figure given by the LJAF paper is more than four times the actual amount of $700 billion using the GASB method.

This special report that we have released will be the start of a new series of material that TEXPERS will publish that will serve to combat the misinformation and slanted truths that certain interest groups and individuals will have you believe. 

In conjunction with the special report, we have also released a new section on our website that deals specifically with the DB vs DC debate. On this new page, you can look through numerous studies that TEXPERS, as well as other like minded organizations have published in support of Defined Benefit plans. You can reach this page by visting here

You can also read the full TEXPERS special report at:

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