Thursday, August 29, 2013

Houston Chronicle Publishes TEXPERS Op-Ed on the Differences between Detroit and Houston

As a service to its membership and the taxpayers of Texas, TEXPERS tries to stay on top of the debates about pensions that occur in its different members’ cities.

Today, we had an article published in the Houston Chronicle in response to one columnist’s assertions that Houston is moving on the path to bankruptcy just as Detroit did recently.

We thought the assertion to be a bit much and had to take it on, which you can read here.

The lesson here is that respected columnists and newspaper folks sometimes just can’t resist the temptation to have knee-jerk reactions to what is occurring in other parts of the country and then to apply it to pensions here in Texas. It’s a dangerous game as it skews and misleads people’s view and opinion on pensions. We’ll continue to set the record straight on these matters whenever we can. – Max Patterson

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