Wednesday, July 26, 2017

With trillions in investments, public retirement systems may shape global climate change reform efforts. Find out what risks your fund needs to be aware of inside the new edition of TEXPERS Pension Observer. 

Things you'll learn in this issue:
  • Why you need to gauge how your fund communicates with its members
  • How to prepare your fund for Texas' next legislative session
  • New insights into pension system investments
  • How TEXPERS' new communications manager can work with your fund to spread the importance of defined benefits
  • How climate change plays into your fund's investment risks
  • The five best practices in becoming an empowered leader of your fund
TEXPERS Pension Observer is published quarterly and is the official magazine of the Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems. 

A print version is in the mail and will soon arrive in the mailboxes of TEXPERS members. Until then, enjoy the digital version below.

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