Thursday, January 17, 2019

Basic Trustee Training returns for TEXPERS' 30th Annual Conference in Austin

By Barbara Zlatnik, TEXPERS

TEXPERS opened registration for the 30th Annual Conference last week and had reintroduced Basic Trustee Training as a pre-conference program offering.

TEXPERS typically provides pre-conference training. It is set for Saturday, April 6 at the Hilton Austin. Anyone at funds interested in training my register.

The association stopped offering Basic Trustee Training at the conferences because TEXPERS weren’t getting enough students registered to make the program worthwhile. But at the October Basic Trustee Training class, more than 30 students attended, and the class was well received. Association members appear interested in additional basic training classes so its added to this year's Annual Conference as a training opportunity.

TEXPERS staff often hear that the BTT class is intensive for new trustees. As such, the association would like to ensure that its members know that it is acceptable, and encouraged, to retake all or part of the Basic Trustee Training class. TEXPERS will be offering Advanced Trustee Training as well. Both trainings meet the Continuing Education requirement under State Pension Review Board rules.

Funds with brand-new trustees/staff that have not met the PRB minimum training requirement for new trustees, they should consider if they wish to meet the requirement by taking the April 6 BTT class.

Funds that have trustees that have met the initial requirement but need or would like to take additional training, they should consider taking the Advanced Trustee Training class. The Advanced Trustee Training class content varies from year to year and even class to class.
Also, TEXPERS recently announced various registration fee changes. Read about it here:

Agendas for both Basic and Advanced Trustee Training will be posted soon. For additional details, email

About the Author:
Barbara Zlatnik is the associate director of programs and training at TEXPERS.

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